Wedding, in every culture and religion, is very special occasion. And months are spent on the preparations of a wedding, from a ring to set home from wedding couple, hundreds pieces of works are done. In different cultures and religions, functions are different, but arrangements are almost have same importance. In old traditions, we see that wedding functions were planned on long term basis, the arrangements took much time and functions were also arranged for long time.

                             But in this modern age, developments and advancements have made the task easy to arrange, jewelry is ordered or can get spontaneous.  Ready-made furniture is also available, but if we order, then it also not takes much time to be prepared. With the help of advance machines now, everything can be prepared in less time.

                             Electronics items are also available ready-made in many qualities and sizes. If we come to home textile items, then duvets sets, bedding range, curtains and all other required items are available in market, in all qualities, sizes, colors and styles. In shorts we can avail house of bath shop, we just need to have money, go to bazar and purchase all required items and all of it is helpful to arrange a wedding.